Putting up the Tipi Cover!

June 14, 2011 by nodatipi | 0 comments

This was by far the hardest step to do with only two people… The tipi cover is HUGE! and weighs a lot. Below are a few pics of the Tipi after we completed this process… The video documents the process of installing the cover so check it out.

Here is the completed Tipi! We have a ton more landscaping work to do…

This thing looks amazing at night all lit up

Here is a random photo staking it down.

A few days of dirt sifting… it’s coming to life!

June 6, 2011 by nodatipi | 0 comments

Im learning that a simple project in your head is never a simple project in the real world… Started leveling out the dirt where we wanted our tipi and found that there is an old house buried underneath… As I dug down to till up the earth I uncovered tons of broken bricks and stones. This has delayed the project about a week but we are back on track!

Here is the proposed site… 20ft x 20ft

After a few hours of tilling and picking out random objects

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Tipi Poles! Longer than we expected.

May 23, 2011 by nodatipi | 0 comments

When someone says 30 ft poles you have a certain expectation… well, these things are massive! Not to scare you as they aren’t very heavy but they are long and awkward since they are tapered so the weight isn’t distributed evenly.

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