Tipi Poles! Longer than we expected.


When someone says 30 ft poles you have a certain expectation… well, these things are massive! Not to scare you as they aren’t very heavy but they are long and awkward since they are tapered so the weight isn’t distributed evenly.

The tipi poles arrived a few weeks after the other tipi components. They were shipped separately from Montana by truck freight.

I had to borrow a few saw horses from neighborhood friends.. total I used 6 to support all of the poles until I could sand them down by hand and water seal them. You don’t have to do this, but living here in the south I think it will aid in the longevity of the poles.

The poles are beautifully tapered by hand… another benefit to smoothing them out is the poles guide the rain down and away from center of tipi… Any large knots or bumps in poles can form a spot where rain can collect and drip.

I used 60 grit sand paper and some good water sealant.

It took several hours to sand the poles down… just take your time and enjoy it. I only had to change sand paper sheets 4 times.

Next I spread all of the poles out over the several saw horses so that they were lined up. I then used a deck sprayer to evenly distribute the water sealant then after it dried I turned the poles and repeated this process. I did thisĀ  two times…

Finished pole!

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