A few days of dirt sifting… it’s coming to life!


Im learning that a simple project in your head is never a simple project in the real world… Started leveling out the dirt where we wanted our tipi and found that there is an old house buried underneath… As I dug down to till up the earth I uncovered tons of broken bricks and stones. This has delayed the project about a week but we are back on track!

Here is the proposed site… 20ft x 20ft

After a few hours of tilling and picking out random objects

These poles look amazing in person

We chose our 3 most stout poles for our “tripod” which is kind of like the foundation of your tipi.

´╗┐´╗┐Todays project was a family affair… our boys are already loving the Tipi!

Next we followed diagrams on how to properly tie the tripod together… I modified it a lil bit.

Almost there…


Here is a short time-lapse video of us raising the tripod! took about 5 minutes total…



Double checking all of the measurements…

Wifey “setting” the poles… this held both of us…

A view from from the center of tripod looking up!…

Next up we are adding the stone and gravel floor….

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